Moving Seniors

Moving Seniors

Moving can be stressful for all of us, yet older adults often have more issues that complicate their relocation.

Here at Long Distance Moving Experts we can guarantee one thing for a hundred percent, you will not find a more professional moving company then us!, and we know that we have to take care of our elders and respect them, that’s why we have the 10% discount on all of our moves for senior citizens (60 years old and up). We know that scotch tape sounds can be an annoying and sound irritating for a lot of people that’s why on senior moves we use rubber straps that are quiet and just as effective in holding your boxes and protecting your belongings.

We take great pride in moving our senior citizens that’s why we will do the whole job as professionally and quietly as possible without disturbing anyone’s peace. We understand that senior moving can often times be a difficult process but the moving professionals at Long Distance Moving Experts recommend staying organized and keeping calm all through the move and following our four simple steps below to make sure that your senior move goes through smoothly as planned.

Remember these four easy steps:
*Start packing as early as possible; if you start packing in advance you will not be so overwhelmed on the moving day.
*Label all your boxes of the front and sides, it is extremely important to label all of your boxes so when you are moved in it will easier to find your proper belongings.
*Remember to use packing paper, many of our senior movers have many old and valuable china and other valuables and that’s why it is important to use plenty of packing paper.
*Sealing all the boxes with tape, this will make it easier for the movers to properly stack and protect your belongings.


Richard Walsh

The team was very efficient and fast and wrapped all of my expensive furniture so well, in order to avoid any damage. I am very happy with Long Distance Moving Experts and would recommend them to everyone!

Garry Mitchell

Friendly staff, came on time and were very quick! They were able to move us out of one house and into our new house in less than 5 hours. I can tell you from personal experience that this is a top notch company that actually does what they say they will do when they say it.

Martha Barden

I would like to thank Long Distance Moving Experts! They were very professional. Movers handled my furniture carefully and were very communicative throughout. Guys really exceeded my expectations and i would use them again.